Research & Development

Research & Development

The Music Legacy Project is an innovative project that combines Ethnomusicological data collection and the use of an omni binaural microphone and  360° audiovisual recording device, destined for VR head-mounted interfaces.

The Music Legacy Project reflects Brian’s continued vision and interest in applying new technologies and conceptual narratives to music. Focused on the preservation of cultural heritage through music, the technology research behind this project is also exploring and testing spatialized sound for VR immersions.

Watch this video in 360º VR here!


What sets Brian D’Oliveira apart as a Composer and a Sound Designer is his passion for creating completely new and evocative sounds and his dedication to continuous research and development into all the aspects of telling stories with music, sound and vibration. 

As a multi-instrumentalist, Brian has been constantly learning to play new, rare and exotic instruments, integrating them immediately into his work and compositions.  His concern for authentic musical expression leads him to dive within himself to express what is uniquely alive in him, but also to seek out masters and mentors to stay grounded in tradition and history in a spirit of humility and admiration towards ancient cultures and folklore.  

As a Sound Designer, Brian completely immerses himself in the sonic world of his projects.  In his quest for authentic sound he has travelled to tropical jungles, arctic landscapes and indian villages, all to capture field recordings that transport the listener into a new world.

His passion for acoustic instruments has brought him to instrument building and fine luthiery.  From building an experimental bowed calimba for the Papo & Yo soundtrack, making paper instruments to bring the playful paper world of Tearaway to life to building a custom indian cello with a master luthier in Pondicherry, India, Brian keeps adding more notes to his sound palette.

Travel is an integral part of Brian’s constant process of learning, connecting with mentors, gathering sounds and finding and building new instruments.  In Spring 2015, Brian spent 5 weeks in South India to study Drupad Cello and voice, to gather high quality field recording, to connect with musicians and build a new cello.


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